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Level 1 Floor Solutions has a wide variety of carpet choices including top quality carpets from Shaw, Mohawk, Tuftex, and Delta. Come into the store where our flooring specialists will help you find the perfect carpet for your home.

Carpet is a popular flooring choice due to its low-maintenance, high comfort and assortment of style options. When you choose carpet, be sure to choose a type that fits your needs as well as the habits of your family members and pets. 

Carpet Styles

Level Loop

Level loop is also called Berber. This type of carpet features short loops that stand up well in high traffic areas.

Cut Pile

Cut pile carpets cut the yarn tips so there aren’t any loops. Cut pile carpets tend to be denser and softer than loop pile. There are several types of cut pile:


Plush has an even, smooth texture with a formal appearance.


Saxony has a smooth finish, but the fibers are longer and twisted to give each fiber more body. It’s popular, but the longer fibers mean footprints linger and furniture creates dents.


Frieze carpet has long fibers and isn’t recommended for high traffic areas. In its most extreme form, it’s known as shag carpet.

Textured Cut Pile

Textured cut pile has fibers of uneven lengths to create a rougher surface texture.

Carpet Fibers


Nylon is the most popular. It’s durable and resistant to wear. It’s not good at fighting stains, so some varieties include a stain-resistant treatment.


Olefin is resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew and makes a good carpet for basements and outdoors. It’s tougher than nylon, but not as comfortable to walk on


Acrylic is often used as an inexpensive alternative to wool. It’s not widely available.


Wool is the premier carpeting and the only natural fiber made into carpets. It’s durable and stain-resistant, and it’s considered an ecofriendly floor covering.